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In just one month, change your eating habits and live happily!

David, thank you for this book. The style is lively, positive and enthusiastic. I think I’ve known all the facts the book is based on, but it’s always refreshing and fascinating to read about someone’s experience. I am also grateful for the bread recipes, good advice and bonuses.



Exactly two months ago, on 21 March 2014, I started following David Yang’s nutrition system. My success story started in the first month - I started losing weight very quickly, and that is after lots of previous failed attempts. I can’t say it was easy. In the active phase of protein-carb alternation I strictly stuck to the instructions eliminating salt, sugar, flour and fat. I wasn’t able to work out to the full though. I did 300 bent leg crunches every night, but I can’t really call it working out as I didn’t even break a sweat.

Hello David!

Thank you for your wonderful book. It educates, and is a great motivator, too. Yesterday I stocked up on healthy food, and started active phase today. I baked some meat with herbs and without any salt, and was surprised how good it tasted ))




David Yang — holds a PhD in Physics and Mathematics. He received the reward of the Russian Government for his achievements in science and engineering. Founder of ABBYY, co-author of ABBYY Lingvo and ABBYY FineReader used by 30m people in 130 countries. Co-founder of such companies as ATAPY, iiko; restaurants FAQ-Café, ArteFAQ, Squat, Sisters Grimm, DeFAQto and others.



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There are four types of foods that we’re enjoying, and that we’re making our children used to from their early days. But it is these foods that significantly increase our risks of a stroke, heart attack, a number of oncological diseases, or obesity.

What are these foods? How can we overcome our dependence on them? How can we change our eating habits, and get to like healthy foods? This is what David Yang’s book is about. His new system of nutrition is based on time-honoured convincing experimental evidence.

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