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The first week has passed, during which our participants began to change their taste habits. For 7 days now, our heroes have not eaten 4 food products: Salt, sugar, flour and fat. The result is on the face, both external and physical, in the form of lost kilograms.

Age: 29 years

Height: 160 cm
The weight: 50.5kg

BMI: 19.72


body mass

Age: 27 years old
Height: 192 cm
The weight: 112 kg
BMI: 30.38

first degree

Alexey lost 3.2 kg in a week! And his Body Mass Index decreased by 0.87. An incredible result, given that physical activity has not really begun yet. Externally, the result of Lesha is also visible to the naked eye

Age: 25 years

Height: 162 cm
The weight: 65.5 kg

BMI: 24.95


body mass

Age: 25 years
Height: 172 cm
The weight: 60.1 kg
BMI: 20.31


body mass

Class! Anastasia lost 2 kg in a week! And her Body Mass Index decreased by 0.75.
A wonderful result, but still ahead. Nastya says that she fell in love with broccoli, hmm, maybe this is her secret? 😉

Age: 22 years

Height: 182 cm
The weight: 91.1 kg

BMI: 27.5


body mass

Age: 22 years old
Height: 164 cm
The weight: 52.7 kg
BMI: 19.59


body mass

Ildar has lost 2.5 kg in a week, we congratulate him! Body mass index decreased by 0.75. This is exactly the same as Anastasia, they go toe to toe. According to Ildar, his health has improved significantly and now he is even more serious about the result!

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