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In 1 month, change your eating habits and live happily!




Thanks to David for the book. Lively, positive, enthusiastic. And after all, it seems that he already knew everything, but when you read about someone's experience, it is always very, very fresh and exciting. Special thanks for the bread recipes and various other tips and bonuses. 



Exactly two months ago, on March 21, 2014, I switched to SPD nutrition - David Yang's nutrition system. The first month was almost a success story - the weight dropped very, very quickly - and this after many fruitless attempts that I had made before. Not to say that everything was easy. In the active phase on the protein-carbohydrate alternation, I very strictly adhered to the prescriptions - no salt, no sugar, no flour and fat. However, it was not possible to engage in particularly active work. To call the evening block on the press (300 lifts of the body to bent legs) physical activity does not turn my tongue: it didn’t even make me feel hot.

Good afternoon David!
Thanks for your wonderful book. She not only enlightens, but also motivates.
Yesterday I bought useful products and from today I started the active phase. I was surprised to note that meat without salt, baked with herbs is very tasty)).




David Yan- Candidate of Phys.-Math. Sci., winner of the Russian Government Prize in Science and Technology, Russian entrepreneur, founder of ABBYY and co-author of ABBYY Lingvo and ABBYY FineReader programs, which are used by more than 30 million people in 130 countries. Co-founder of ATAPY, iiko; restaurants FAQ-Café, ArteFAQ, Squat, Sisters Grimm, DeFAQto, etc.

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There are 4 types of foods that we eat with great pleasure and that we teach our children from infancy.However, it is these products that significantly increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, a number of cancers, and obesity.

What are these products? How to overcome dependence on them? How to change your eating habits and love healthy food?David Yan's book will tell about this. The new nutritional system is based on compelling evidence and time-tested experimental evidence.

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